Think a middleman’s a waste of time and money? Think again.

Ombudsman01You’ve heard that cutting out the middleman – an insurance broker – will save you money. But, contrary to what advertisers would like you to believe, studies have shown that broker pricing is, in reality, cheaper than direct!

Don’t believe us?

Using a broker means reducing risk, which is why traditional insurers provide preferred or special rates to brokers. Insurance brokers are qualified, experienced and equipped to select the right policy for you, ensuring that you don’t end up in a situation where you are under-insured.

A broker clears up any misunderstandings with their customer before submitting claims and has your best interests at heart, getting you the right premium for the right type of cover.

In short, the commission paid to brokers – an amount that stays the same as a result of regulation – is money well spent. Not just because you get what you pay for, but you also reap the benefits of sitting back and carrying on with your life while they, the ‘middleman’, runs around behind the scenes sorting out your claim.

This is where you really see the value of a broker, not only because you get the peace of mind of knowing that it’s being taken care of, but a broker has the know-how to get it done quickly and maximise any claim payout.

If you’re still not convinced then consider this: A dentist is, in essence, is a middleman. You could pull that tooth that’s been bothering you out yourself, or you could spend the money and get the problem sorted out by a trained professional.

We know which option we’d choose. What about you?