Getting Through Load-Shedding

10 Tips to Stay Safe in times of Load-Shedding…

    • Make sure that you are aware of scheduled outage times but plan for all eventualities.
    • LED lanterns offer great battery life and can illuminate an entire room quite effectively. Keep these in places where the family will be together, and keep  torches in easy to reach places for immediate light.
    • Install solar powered light in the garden to provide illumination should you have to exit the building.
    • Make sure you know how to use your automatic gates and doors in the absence of an electrical supply. You don’t want to leave your car out on the street.
    • Ensure that cell phones are charged at all times. If you are lucky enough to have iPads or other tablet devices, keep these charged too – having a distraction for the kids can help a lot.
    • If you can’t live without television, you might want to consider a DSTV “drifta” or “walka”. You should also think about getting relatively inexpensive backup power-packs for all of your devices.
    • Have books and games available. Power outages can end up being great family quality time.
    • Keep ice in your freezer and have a cooler box nearby. You should avoid opening your fridge more than once or twice.
    • If you go out to eat, be extra vigilant when returning home.
    • Please take extra care if you’re using candles or paraffin lamps.

Please share any other tips you might have…

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