Car Jamming – It’s a Reality!

Many an unsuspecting vehicle owner has borne the brunt of having valuables stolen from their parked vehicle.

These criminals target schools and shopping centres. They use a standard 400MHz gate or garage control to jam the signal sent by your vehicle’s remote control key. They gain easy access to your vehicle and your valuables without any forced entry.

This has negative implications for insurance clients and insurers alike. Although all claims are individually assessed, a lack of damage makes it hard to prove that the theft took place as a result of car jamming. By the same token, insurance companies become vulnerable to fraudulent claims by consumers. Most insurance policies won’t pay out for claims of vehicle theft unless there is evidence of forced entry. At the very least, insurers might increase the excess on your claim.

The reality is that car jamming is not likely to cease any time soon, and the onus is on the vehicle owner to be vigilant so to not become easy pickings for criminals.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  1. Use the remote control key while you are close to your vehicle. Make sure you hear the click sound;
  2. Physically check that your doors and boot are locked;
  3. Store items such as laptops, cameras, GPS devices, sunglasses in your boot or cubbyhole, or carry them with you;
  4. Park close to the entrance of a shopping mall wherever possible and,
  5. Always be aware of your surroundings

Furthermore, it is vital that you read your policy wording carefully to ascertain under which circumstances you will not be covered.

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